Michael Kevin Johnson and The HolySpiritMusic CDs

I was born and raised in San Diego in 1963. At eleven years old I moved to Fallbrook located in northern San Diego county. I started playing piano when I was eight and learned the accordion when I was ten years old. Always having a love for music, I really started getting serious about my music when I became a teenager. The first song I ever wrote was Reunion back in 1977, but it was never recorded until 2007, thirty years later. I started playing guitar and singing in 1977. Learning music like the Eagles, John Denver and many of the christian artists during that time. During High School I played lead in several High School musicals. After H.S. I went on to perform with the Young Americans International musical singing and dancing group. Starting in the mid 80s, I played many dinner clubs throughout San Diego county. From the beach to the Colorado river I have been playing weddings, dinner clubs, and parties since 1984 until 1999.

Music Ministry

In 1999 I moved to Las Vegas Nevada. I am a local advertising and marketing professional. I own my own business and I work with many companies throughout the valley. I am also an active Priest and minister for the Community of Christ church. Speaking several times a year, I like to put a different spin on the normal message. I usually sing a couple of songs during the service. Many times I write songs for the service based on the theme I'm suggested to use. In 2001, I seriously started writing songs again. The words and music came to me so easily because they were all about the Holy Spirit. Every time I would speak I would write a song and after 3 or 4 years I had written many songs all about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. During that time many people suggested I record these songs, so other people could hear them outside the church walls.